Bring It Back: For Squirrels – “Mighty K.C.”

posted by Richard Gill

Bring It Back is a new feature here on Switchblade Comb where we remind you of awesome music you forgot about.

I totally forgot about For Squirrels until I read Aquarium Drunkard’s post about them today. I fucking loved this song so much that I stayed up all night for 3 days just waiting for it to come on the radio so I could record it on my boombox and listen to it on my walkman on the way to school. Fuck off, I’m old.

The song and video is an incredibly sad tribute to Kurt Cobain made even sadder by the tragedy that befell the band shortly before the album’s release. Head over to Aquarium Drunkard for the full story but here’s the gist of what happened:

One month prior to the album’s release, the band was returning to Gainesville, Florida from the CMJ music festival in New York when their van blew a tire. The van wrecked and founding members Jack Vigliatura (vocals, guitar) and Bill White (bass) were killed.

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 at 10:12 pm