How Can You Not Love a Band Called RapeDoor?

posted by MP Johnson

I’m a sucker for shock rock. In fact, “Shock Rock” is one of my favorite Impaler songs. So of course I love RapeDoor. They have songs with lyrics like “Satan is my Master” and “This is the last song I’ll ever write, gonna kill myself tonight.” Both of those songs are featured in this long form music video, which is actually more like a gruesome B-movie musical. Don’t quit watching before you get to the end or you’ll miss all the good stuff. If you’ve been missing the glittery perversion Faggot brought to Twin Cities stages, this is your new fix.

RapeDoor plays around the Twin Cities a lot. Tomorrow, they will be at the Kitty Kat club, freaking people out and screening this video.

Tuesday, February 28
Kitty Kat Club
Nighttime | Free | 21+

Monday, February 27th, 2012 at 10:00 am