Rare Exports at the Trylon

posted by MP Johnson

On December 13 and December 20, the Trylon is playing what could be the greatest Christmas film of the last decade. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. It’s absurdly original and heartfelt. Watch the short film above, one of two that preceded the full-length feature, and you’ll have a better idea of what you’re getting into when you go.

The Last Guardian Creator Is Still Working On The Last Guardian

posted by Andrew Cross

Last week, Eurogamer ran a story that famed Team Ico head Fumito Ueda had ditched Sony. Although he hasn’t directly commented on whether he has or has not left the company, Ueda did say on his Twitter account that he’s still working on The Last Guardian and will see it through.

Sweet. Keep at it dude.

Via Kotaku

Casualties at Station 4

posted by MP Johnson

The Casualties have been around for more than two decades. Musically, they haven’t changed a bit. Sure, you can get their CDs at Target now, which is kind of weird, but if they’re making extra money, they sure the hell aren’t putting it into dental work. Live, they still obviously love what they do, and it will be cool to see them opening for the English Dogs at Station 4 in St. Paul, joined by Toxic Holocaust and Havoc.

Friday, February 17
Station 4
6:30 PM | $16 | 18+

Danzig of the Week: Melissa Auf Der Maur and this Fucking Saxophone Covering “Devil’s Plaything”

posted by MP Johnson

MP Johnson listens to a lot of Danzig and he likes to share. So take heed, brain eaters, and enjoy this week’s dose of the demon.

This is among the weirdest Danzig covers I have ever heard, and I’ve heard a lot of them. Obviously, former Hole bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur loves Danzig. She even invited him to sing “Father’s Grave” on her most recent album. She is also obviously completely insane, but maybe not as insane as that saxophone player.

Step one: Turn “Devil’s Plaything” into a monotonous, slow burning accompaniment to a satanic sacrifice. Step two: Invite the reject from the high school jazz ensemble to solo over it. That’s the recipe for a good Danzig cover. Screw all that “stay true to the original” nonsense.

The Weekend Movie Recap: 12/2/11

posted by Rolocop

THE WOMEN ON THE 6TH FLOOR – This French film takes place in 1960’s France and shows the class difference between a rich French couple who own a building and the Spanish maids who live upstairs.  The movie is anchored by a terrific performance by Fabrice Luchini, who plays an older married man who is intrigued by their new maid.  The relationship between those two is subtle and endearing.  I also really liked Sandrine Kiberlain who plays the wife of the older man, who just wants to be loved by her husband.  The older maids are a colorful bunch that give the movie most of it’s laughs.  It’s light entertainment, but could make for a charming evening if you need a break from all the dramatic Oscar bait.  Rating:


It’s a pretty slow week for new movies.  If you haven’t seen them already, I highly recommend seeing HUGO and THE MUPPETS.  DO NOT miss those!!!

Mass Effect 3 Tidbits

posted by Andrew Cross

BioWare has their own webcast called BioWare Pulse and in this recent episode, they give out some juicy info on the Collectors Edition and combat of Mass Effect 3.

Mass Effect 3 drops on March 6th, 2012 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

MUFF After Parties

posted by MP Johnson

After watching rad movies all day, you’re probably going to want to spend some time on your feet so your blood can get circulating again. You don’t want to get deep vein thrombosis. Thankfully, the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival does not end when the movies end.

Friday night’s after party includes performances by Solid Gold, the Moongoons and more.

Saturday night’s after party includes a performance by Gigamesh and more.

All are hosted by Vision models and, hopefully, that crazy gorilla from the MUFF advertisements will be there throwing bananas in peoples’ faces.

Friday and Saturday, December 2 and 3
$7 | 21+

Minneapolis Underground Film Festival: Sunday Picks

posted by MP Johnson

“Potpourri” Theatrical Trailer from RESTRAINING HOLLYWOOD on Vimeo.

Sunday is going to be tough. Like Saturday, there are a lot of choices to be made. I’m most excited about Spain’s The Man Who Saw Frankenstein Cry, a documentary about the great filmmaker and actor Paul Naschy. It’s followed by Beg, starring modern horror legends Tony Todd and Michael Berryman, among others.

On the local front though, Sunday offers Potpourri. Also showing: Invincible Force, starring the dude from Brain Tumors, which looks to be one of the most bizarre movies of the fest. A slob commits himself to transforming himself into something better over the course of a few months. Even after reading about it and watching the previews, I’m not sure whether this is a documentary or not.

To learn more or buy tickets, go to minneapolisundergroundfilmfestival.com.

Half-Life: Origins

posted by Andrew Cross

This very short film is making its way around the interwebs right now. There are a billion Half-Life fan films that take place in City 17, so it’s nice to occasionally see one back at Black Mesa.

Minneapolis Underground Film Festival: Saturday Picks

posted by MP Johnson

Even if you’re the smart type who purchases a pass for the whole fest, you will still have to make some choices about what to watch, because there will be two theaters going simultaneously. My Saturday pick is Australia’s El Monstro Del Mar, for obvious reasons. Three knife-wielding women fighting a water monster? Shit, that’s why I watch movies. Before this one, I’ll be checking out France’s Last Caress, which, based on the trailer, apparently involves butcher knives and crazy nuns.

Before the blood and the boobs start, the day offers some more thoughtful stuff, including a couple of documentaries following people who have ditched the traditional concept of gender: Genderf*kation and the much less colorfully titled This is my Journey.

To learn more or buy tickets, go to minneapolisundergroundfilmfestival.com.

Still Here And Still Gaming

posted by Andrew Cross

Time has not been kind to me as a gamer. I’ve been given very little of it. With the combination of my day job, wedding stuff, and other game related writing gigs, I haven’t been around the old Switchblades for the last many weeks.

Also, recent gaming news has been less then mind blowing. What with so many releases in November, everyone would rather just be playing Arkham City, Uncharted 3, or Modern Warfare 3. Mostly Skyrim though.

I just wanted to say, I’m still kicking around this place and will keep posting cool shit whenever possible.

Big Freedia at the Turf Club

posted by MP Johnson

Big Freedia – “Y’all Get Back Now” from stereogum on Vimeo.

I missed insane bounce rapper Big Freedia at Chaos in Tejas this year because her show sold out and I didn’t get tickets ahead of time, so I’m psyched that she’s coming to the Turf Club this week. To make things even better, she’s going to be joined by Marijuana Death Squads, a band that somehow I’ve managed to miss up until now.

Thursday, December 1
Turf Club
8 PM | $12 | 21+

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