Danzig of the Week: “How the Gods Kill”

posted by MP Johnson

MP Johnson listens to a lot of Danzig and he likes to share. So take heed, brain eaters, and enjoy this week’s dose of the demon.

Hands down, this is the best Danzig video. Granted, the competition isn’t tough (see “Wicked Pussycat”), but I would also go so far as to say this is among the best metal videos of the 90s. With the help of some old furniture, some HR Giger designs and a blonde dropping a big glob of spit onto another girl’s chest (wait for it), it provides some memorable imagery to accompany one of the greatest Danzig riff-fests ever.

Come to the Twin Cities Zinefest Tomorrow

posted by MP Johnson

The Twin Cities Zinefest is tomorrow from noon to five at the Powderhorn Park building. Admission is free, but bring a few bucks to pick up a zine or two.

I’ll have a table set up, selling copies of my zine, Freak Tension, as well as various underground horror publications that I’ve been published in, like Necrotic Tissue. Stop by. Say Hello.

The Weekend Movie Recap: 9/23/11

posted by Rolocop

MONEYBALL – From the director of CAPOTE, comes this behind-the-scenes baseball movie based on true events.  General Manager of the Oakland A’s Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) is in a rut.  His budget has been cut short due to the poor performance of his team, and has lost 3 of his star players. He must replace them with limited funds, but gets the help of Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), a young man who believes in computer analysis to recruit the team.  The two form a trusting relationship, while Beane gets disapproving feedback from his co-workers and especially the team’s manager, Art Howe (Philip Seymour Hoffman).  The team takes awhile to get it’s footing, but Beane proves this new theory of recruiting when the team finally begins to win.

To be quite honest, the story doesn’t sound that interesting when I’m writing it out for this review.  It really doesn’t do the movie justice.  The plot is basic, but I have never seen a baseball movie quite like this one.  And that’s because the story’s main focus is what goes on behind-the-scenes of the game, like recruiting and trading.  You never really get an in-depth look at this aspect and it’s explored in great detail.  If that sounds boring to you, it’s not at all due to the screenplay written by Aaron Sorkin & Steven Zaillian, which is full of great characterization and crackerjack dialogue (tons of quotable lines throughout).  The story is very engaging as it’s more about the redemption of Billy Beane and how he just wants to prove himself worthy.  It also asks difficult questions, like what is the point to all of this hard work?

Brad Pitt gives an incredibly grounded performance as Beane.  The movie takes it’s time to give all of the actors worthwhile character moments, and Pitt takes advantage of them all.  Jonah Hill surprised me with his understated but very effective portrayal of Brand.  Philip Seymour Hoffman is also quite good (as usual) as Art Howe.   The movie is also filled with small but very important supporting roles and all of the actors are solid to say the least.  Bennett Miller’s direction is very slow paced, but works to the story’s advantage, letting everything breathe.  The shot compositions are beautiful, there are a few longer stedi-cam shots, and lots of elegant (long) close-ups of the actors.  I thought CAPOTE showed promise of a great director in the making, but MONEYBALL confirms it. Miller is a terrific filmmaker!  I loved everything about this movie!  The performances, the editing, the dialogue, the music choices, the look of the film… it’s all excellent.  And this is coming from someone who is not into sports at all.  But I found it to be amazing.  It’s much more than a sports movie.  It’s a human story.  One of the film’s more sensitive moments has Pitt watching his daughter sing beautifully while she plays the guitar.  It’s a beautiful little scene, and this movie is filled with them.  I highly recommend this flick.  It must be Oscar season, cause in the past few weeks I have seen a few movies that I would say that it was the best of the year.  And here’s another one.  MONEYBALL is easily one of the year’s best.  In Wide Release.  Rating:



THE INTERRUPTERS – From the director of HOOP DREAMS comes this incredible Documentary about gang violence in Chicago.  The movie follows 3 mediators who work for an organization called Cease Fire, as they first hand try to stop gangs from killing each other.  All 3 of these main characters are former criminals and are now trying to stop troubled youth from making the same mistakes that they made.  The footage that Director Steve James has captured is nothing short of amazing, as he is right in the trenches as arguments escalate into violence.  We also get to see the struggle that the interrupters and the gang members go through every day.  It’s not an easy film to watch, (especially when we see a viral video of a kid being killed), but it’s a fully engaging drama.  About 20 minutes in, I forgot that I was watching a Documentary.  This may possibly be the most important film of the year, and easily the most compelling.  Come Oscar time, I will be severely upset if this isn’t up for an award.  One of the year’s best!  Don’t miss it!  At The Lagoon.  Rating:


DETECTIVE DEE AND THE MYSTERY OF THE PHANTOM FLAME – From the director of 2 Van Damme classics (DOUBLE TEAM and my personal favorite, the ridiculous KNOCK OFF), comes this fun, stylish, graphic novel-like martial arts film.  Andy Lau plays the title character, as he teams up with 2 others to figure out why people are mysteriously setting on fire and disintegrating.  Lau is having tons of fun playing the eccentric Dee, and fits with the semi-zany tone of the movie.  There is lots of CGI (especially with the art direction), but I thought it was appropriate given the comic book-like nature of the film.  I really don’t have a whole lot to say about this.  It has some fun martial arts, imaginative sets, an old fashioned mystery, solid performances, and a fast pace.  There is probably an action scene every 10 minutes so you’re never bored.  There was one CGI action scene towards the end that made me roll my eyes, but the rest of the film is quite enjoyable.  Turn off your brain and have fun.  Detective Dee is a fun character and I would love to see more adventures with him.  At the Uptown.  Rating:


DOLPHIN TALE – From the look of the trailers, I thought this would just be another mediocre TV Movie-like family film.  Boy, was I wrong.  “Inspired” by a true story, Dolphin Tale is about a shy young boy named Sawyer who has to go to summer school due to poor grades.  On his way to school one morning, he sees a dolphin on the shore of the Ocean.  He helps get medical attention and the marine hospital takes the Dolphin, named Winter (played by herself), into custody.  Sawyer stops by after school to check up on the dolphin and befriends a young girl his age named Hazel, the daughter of the head doctor of the hospital (Harry Connick Jr.).  The dolphin suffered severe injuries and must lose it’s tail.  It needs a new one, or it will die.  An engineer (Morgan Freeman) decides to help design a prosthetic tail for the dolphin to survive.  Honestly, it’s nice to see a family movie that doesn’t have to rely on fart jokes for two hours to try to capture the attention of kids.  It’s a clean family story with wonderful morals and encourages kids to try new things.  The performances are subtle, but good, especially that of Nate Gamble who plays the young protagonist.  Cozi Zuehlsdorrf is also full of zest as Hazel.  The two kids work well together.  Actor turned director Charles Martin Smith has crafted a well made movie.  The direction is very simple, but smooth and goes down well with this feel good story.  We all know how the story is going to turn out, but there are many touching moments that make this film worth while.  My favorite is when Sawyer’s mother (Ashley Judd) realizes how important Winter is to her son.  The film is very easy to digest, that when the occasional silly scene shows up, (like when Sawyer and Hazel fly a remote control Helicopter into the Hospital) it feels well out of place.  The ending is a bit hokey too, but hey, I’ll take that over a joke about dog poo any day.  Great movie for the whole family.  My 8 year old was fully engaged, and admittedly, I was too.  Wide Release.  Rating:


Also opening this weekend:

KILLER ELITE – Even though this was inspired by true events,  Jason Statham is playing Jason Statham yet again in this pretty generic action film.  Sure, Clive Owen and the always reliable Robert DeNiro give decent performances, but the characters and story are pretty uninvolving.  The direction is also not very good due to the overused shaky-cam syndrome.  Undemanding action viewers may be more forgiving, but I like my movies to be “well made”.  In Wide Release.  Rating:

ABDUCTION – Not Screened for critics.  Wide Release

LOVE CRIME – The Lagoon


Amy Schumer at Varsity Theater

posted by Mojo Marshall

Fresh from her appearance on the Charlie Sheen Roast. Aziz Ansari is performing on the same night at Treasure Island. I’m bummed I can’t catch both sets.

Saturday, November 5
Varsity Theater
7 PM | $20 | 18+

CRASHDÏET – “Down With The Dust”

posted by Richard Gill

The Swedish glam band is mounting a very short U.S. tour in November (5 dates on the West Coast) so here’s a video for those of us that will probably never get a chance to see them.

A Bunch Of Ryan Adams Stuff

posted by Richard Gill

You know who we love? Ryan Adams. As we’ve mentioned before he has a new album coming out in a couple weeks so here’s a handful of videos and songs to get you excited.

“Ashes & Fire” (live in studio)

“Dirty Rain” (live in studio)

“Let it Ride” (from Cold Roses – live in studio)

“Invisible Riverside” (live in studio)
Invisible Riverside by ryanadams

Mommy Sez No – “Pocketfulls”

posted by MP Johnson


Mommy Sez No, one of the weirdest and most underrated punk bands in the Twin Cities has a new album coming out soon. It’s pretty much guaranteed to rattle your bones and/or eat your soul. Want to preview a new track? Check out “Pocketfulls.”

Killing Still Looks Top-Notch In New Assassin’s Creed

posted by Andrew Cross

This is a trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Revelation‘s revamped multiplayer mode and…damn. That’s a whole lot of murder.

Reserve your copy for its November 15th release on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Via GameSpot

Today is the Worst

posted by Jason Lynn Mitchell

Tomorrow is the first day of my life where I will wake up in a world without R.E.M. I don’t even want to talk about it.

If you use the Spotify, here’s this.

Kings of Convenience: Me In You

posted by Jason Lynn Mitchell

Give it a minute.


Battlefield 3 Beta Starts Septmeber 29th

posted by Andrew Cross

Get a taste of the challenger to Call of Duty‘s multiplayer throne at the end of this month. To play the Battlefield 3 Beta on consoles, all you need is an Xbox LIVE Gold or standard PlayStation Network account. If you are lucky enough to have a PC that can run the game, you need to be a subscriber to Origin to get access.

The full game ships on October 25th.

Eclipse Records Reopens Friday

posted by Jason Lynn Mitchell

Third time’s the charm.

Eclipse Records will open at their new location this Friday, according to a Facebook post.  There’s been a couple of delays previously, but it looks like it will happen this time.

That is all.

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