Hirax – “Broken Neck”

posted by MP Johnson

Switchblade Comb gets a lot of email from PR agencies promoting bands none of us have ever heard of. Some of it is cool. Most of it is dreck. Imagine my surprise when I found an email about the new video by underground thrash warriors Hirax, not from some PR agency, but from the singer of the band. Of course the video rules. Now if they’d just get their asses over here to play a show, I’d be really happy.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Need For Speed: The Run, And Rainbow 6 Patriots Footage

posted by Andrew Cross

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (Out November 15th)

The only reason I like this ad is because it compares Adrian Peterson’s ability to destroy defensive players to a 16th century Italian man’s ability to assassinate a shitload of people.

Need For Speed: The Run (Out November 15th)

This trailer for Need for Speed: The Run was directed by Michael Bay. It’s more interesting then anything he has done in the last two Transformers films.

Rainbow 6 Patriots (Out 2013)

This is just prototype footage of the new Rainbow 6 games slated for 2013. The mix of story and squad combat could work, but if the story is just your standard terrorists versus US Military storyline we’ve seen already in Call of Duty, then I don’t know about it.

Bond 23 Is Called “Skyfall”

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The new James Bond film started shooting today and got the title Skyfall. It will not be a continuation of the Quantum storyline from the previous films and Javier Bardem will play the villain.

Via /Film

Crypticon is this Weekend

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What, you think Halloween is over? No way. The sixth annual Crypticon is this weekend, Friday through Sunday, at the Double Tree in Bloomington.

What do you do at a Crypticon, you ask? You buy all sorts of horror shirts and movies and posters and stuff. You get autographs from Doug Bradley (Pinhead) and Tom Towles (that other fucked up dude in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer). You learn how to make your own corpse head. You meet local horror artists, writers, filmmakers, etc. You listen to the sweet sounds of Impaler and Michale Graves. Oh, and you watch tons of horror movies.

I’ll have a table set up Saturday and Sunday, dealing all sorts of weird horror literature. Stop by and say hi.

DmC, Halo, And Syndicate Footage

posted by Andrew Cross

DmC: Devil May Cry

I like what I see. I just hope Ninja Theory has revamped the control scheme of Devil May Cry to make it less of a hassle to pull off cool moves.

Halo: Anniversary

Looks very pretty as usual. This is how an anniversary edition of a game should be done. Upgrade the tech, but leave the core feeling of the game intact.


This is a game that showed up on my radar a few weeks ago. It’s a first person shooter that takes place in the future. Nothing too original, but the way it uses a story element involving chips in peoples brains looks really creepy and unique. Check out the gameplay above and learn more HERE.

Grand Theft Auto V Is Real

posted by Andrew Cross

The first trailer of Grand Theft Auto V was released this morning. It’s happening. We will have it soon (by soon, I mean maybe next year).

Sage Francis at Triple Rock

posted by Mojo Marshall

Friday, February 17
Triple Rock Social Club
8 PM | $17 | 18+

Happy Halloween!!!

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The Weekend Movie Recap: 10/28/11

posted by Rolocop

PUSS IN BOOTS – Not a fan of the SHREK films, although I kind of liked the last one.  The problem I had with those were the constant need to please the parents bringing the kids by loading those movies with non-stop pop culture references.  It was overkill, especially with the second one.  I got sick of it immediately, so I wasn’t really looking forward to this spin-off.

I’m pleased to announce that this is actually nothing like the SHREK films.  It’s very much it’s own thing, as it’s just as much an adventure as it is a comedy.  I would compare it more to KUNG FU PANDA than SHREK.  Antonio Banderas again voices the title character, a bad cat who makes a living as a bandit.  While doing a job, he meets another thief, a female cat named Kitty Softpaws.  Together they meet Humpty Dumpty, who has a troubled history with Puss, and presents a job for the two bandits.  What follows is a pretty fun adventure sprinkled with laughs.

From frame one, this movie has got such a great vibe.  From Henry Jackman’s Latin-laced adventure score to the gritty western look.  The pace pops with energy and never lets up until the end, whether it’s Puss dueling the law, or an unexpected dance off (which is a hoot!).  Puss is a fun character and Kitty Softpaws is a wonderful addition to the universe.  The film is kid friendly but doesn’t insult their intelligence.  Parents will most likely enjoy themselves too.  It’s not as sophisticated as RANGO, but it’s at least every bit as fun.  Not quite as dark, though it gets close on occasion.

I don’t really have too much to add here other than I had a blast.  I love that this was more of a Zorro-type adventure rather than a fairy tale mess.  It’s terrific entertainment for the whole family.  Wide Release Rating:


THE SKIN I LIVE IN – I’ve only seen 3 other Pedro Almodovar’s films (TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN!, VOLVER, BROKEN EMBRACES) and I’ve enjoyed all of them.  This one reteams the director with Antonio Banderas, who plays a respected plastic surgeon who has a woman locked up in his house against her will.  She is a guinea pig of sorts as he experiments a new skin on her.  But everything is not as it seems as the story unfolds in non-linear fashion.  That’s all I can say without giving much away.

The way the story unfolds is clever.  Aldmodovar gives you just enough info to keep you engaged, revealing the story’s secrets little by little as the film moves along.  It definitely has a Hitchcock-like feel and has a few great thrilling set pieces.  The characters are all interesting, which helps keep the viewer involved.  There are a few plot holes here and there, and I thought one supporting character was played a bit over the top, but it didn’t keep me from being thoroughly entertained by this sensual, twisted and disturbing thriller.  Now Showing at The Uptown Rating:


Also opening this weekend:

ANONYMOUS – Director Roland Emmerich (INDEPENDENCE DAY, yuck!) tries to make an Oscar worthy film by tackling this story about how William Shakespeare did not write his plays, but someone with political ties to the Queen of England did.  It’s a beautiful looking movie and is filled with solid performances, but the film got a little bombastic at times.  Also, I found the lack of focus made it hard to sympathize with anyone.  Not at bad movie, but not as great as Emmerich probably thinks it is.  Wide Release Rating:

THE RUM DIARY – Big fan of FEAR AND LOATHING. Not so much this sort of prequel.  Depp is fine (though incredibly understated), and the supporting cast is clearly having fun (with the exception of Aaron Eckhart), but there is little energy here.  It also felt like that the film was always on the verge of something. It clearly had something to say, but didn’t know how to say it.  For Die hard fans of Hunter S. Thompson only.  If you don’t know who that is, then the movie isn’t for you.  Rating:

ORANGES AND SUNSHINE – A very sad true story about how several kids were taken from their home by the Government in London (back in the 60’s) and were sent to a farm to do strenuous labor.  Also many of them were abused by the Priests running the farm.  Emily Watson is good as usual, and Hugo Weaving has an Oscar worthy scene. Unfortunately, the direction and screenplay wasn’t any better than a Lifetime movie. Also David Wenham gives a pretty bad performance as one of the kids now grown up.  At The Edina.  Rating:

IN TIME – Wide Release

THE BLACK POWER MIX TAPE 1967-1975 – At The Lagoon

FINDING KIND – St. Anthony

JULIA’S EYES – St. Anthony

Hollow Boys Tape Release Tonight at the Hexagon

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“We recorded it ourselves in a series of basements, stairwells, studio apartments and one kitchen over the last few months.”

MP3: Hollow Boys – “American Modern”
From their I’m Electric/I’m Dying tape, out tonight

4 Days Left

posted by Gaurk

Help our friends The Color Pharmacy raise enough money on Kickstarter to press their newest record, Texatonka, on vinyl! They have currently raised only $680 of the $4,000 that they need to cover the costs of producing the album.

Click here to listen to The Color Pharmacy.

Click here to visit their kickstarter page.

Our band, The Color Pharmacy, wants to release our latest album, Texatonka, on vinyl.  In order to cover the costs of mastering, pressing, and printing of the records, we are raising funds from our fans, friends, and family.  We are offering a variety of rewards as incentives for donations.

The Butcher Shop: House of Gore

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Here’s what I want from a haunted house: I want to scream and jump and have fun. I used to think that was the point, but based on the ones I’ve visited lately, it’s becoming a lost art. I’ve gone into haunted houses where I’ve had to tap on ghoul’s shoulders so I could pass them by. I’ve been in haunted houses that smell like potpourri (not scary). I’ve been in haunted houses with dudes banging soggy stuffed animals. Okay, that last one is kind of cool and creepy, but not actually scary.

When I heard that filmmaker/artist/monster maniac Mike Etoll built a haunted house in a garage, I got really excited, not only because Mike’s stuff is always awesome and insane (search his name and “Sewer Baby” on youtube), but because of this statement: “Raw meat and organs provided by Husnick Meats.” Yes!

I gathered some friends and attended on opening night. I’d love to tell you all about how awesome it was, but I don’t want to give away the surprises. I can tell you that I screamed and/or jumped about thirteen times. The typical haunted house gets one out of me if they’re lucky. I will also say this: go slowly. This is a work of art. Not in an artsy fartsy kind of way, but in a “holy shit, these people are really passionate about making monsters and scaring people and doing a haunted house the way it’s supposed to be done” kind of way.

The Butcher Shop runs from 5 to 11 every evening until Halloween. 1444 Reaney Ave, St. Paul 55106.

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