The Southtown Avengers EP Release at The Hexagon

posted by Jason Lynn Mitchell

I’ve been a fan of The Southtown Avengers since the beginning, seeing their first show at the Triple Rock a few years ago when they began as a trio. Since then, they’ve put out a full length, Big Night Out, and expanded to a four-piece with former drummer Derek Sandbeck switching to lead guitar. They also now share a practice space with my band Complexes, so it’s easy for me to keep up with them.

This Friday at the Hexagon, we’ll be sharing a bill for the release show for their new Death Rock Pony Ride EP. The release marks a step forward for the band, being their first with their new expanded lineup and sound.

STA has always been a punk band with a pop sensibility, but Death Rock Pony Ride sees them bringing a more prominent melodic element, and the addition of a second guitar adds more leads and texture. Headlights crashes out of the gates with a driving urgency to lead things off. Damn Yes is full of catchy hooks that would fit right in on the Current’s playlist. And personal favorite Little Texas shows a more dynamic side of the band with a slow burn that reaches a great climax.

Pick up the new EP this Friday at the Hexagon. The Southtown Avengers have Complexes, All the Way Rider, and The French Kiss of Bel Air rounding out the bill for the release show, and there’s no cover.

Sunday, September 25th, 2011 at 11:20 am