The Greatest Accomplishment of the Decade

posted by The Joe

The above video, by the way, is as NFSW as you can get . . .

So I was just watching this scene on Deadwood (which by the way is one of the greatest shows ever in case you missed it), and I thought to myself that Ian McShane’s portrayal of Al Swearengen is rivaled only by LOST’s Benjamin Linus as the most fascinating character I’ve ever seen on television. And this, seeing as though I’m kind of drunk but not enough to warrant a Drunk Post, led to the tangent that the best thing to happen to any kind of media in the last decade is television reaching its true Golden Age.

We all hold onto the shows we grew up with for nostalgic reasons, thinking they’re the best of the best, but of course this is never the reality. Outside of some spectacular news reporting a few decades ago, The Prisoner, Twin Peaks, and Mary Hartman, television’s never had much to offer except as an understandable target of cultural laziness.

But goddamn, everyone sure stepped it up a notch on the heels of HBO’s launch of The Sopranos and repeatedly crafted works that rivaled the best that cinema had to offer. HBO (followed by Showtime and FX) flooded the market with until-then rare, in-depth storytelling, The Office changed sitcoms for the better forever, Adult Swim was a cultural breakthrough for American animation, and shows like Mythbusters made ‘reality TV’ respectable.

Maybe this should’ve waited until late December, but fuck it, everyone will be posting the ‘Best of Everything of the Decade’ then which I want nothing to do with outside of awesome Asian bootlegs (oh, just wait . . .), and I feel the spectacular job television has done certainly deserves props on a miniscule, unimportant blog full of random media musings and drunk posts.

So anyway . . . bravo, you TV-equivalent princes of Maine, you TV-equivalent kings of New England.

Sunday, November 15th, 2009 at 11:49 pm