Punk Rock Prom Interview: Kitten Forever

posted by Richard Gill

Switchblade Comb is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Punk Rock Prom taking place May 1 at The Nomad World Pub located on the scenic West Bank of Minneapolis, MN, USA, Earth. Over the next week we’ll be talking to each of the participating bands and getting their thoughts on Punk Rock Proms of past as well as any stories they have of their High School Proms.

Hey everybody! Welcome back. Here is our second Punk Rock Prom interview of the day. Kitten Forever is awesome and… well… that’s pretty much all you need to know about them.


SBC: For those unaware tell us a little bit about your band. Who’s in the band, how Long you been together, etc. All that stuff.

Kitten Forever: We are Kitten Forever. We are Corrie (drums), Laura (bass), and Liz (vocals). We have been a band since the summer of 2006, which makes us almost four years old. We might have a birthday party sometime this summer.

SBC: Playing a prom can be pretty weird. Not so much this one but an actual High School prom would be fucking bizarre. What’s the weirdest venue / event you’ve ever played?

Kitten Forever: We played a high school graduation party once, which was actually really funny and awesome. Liz sang through a karaoke machine and the dads loved us. We also once played next to an empty swimming pool in Los Angeles in the middle of the day to something like five people, two of which were in the band we were touring with. The kid who set up the show drank whiskey & orange soda the entire day and ended up passing out on the side of the pool and Corrie stepped on his unconscious body. so, that was weird.

SBC: Have you been to any of the previous Punk Rock Proms? If so, what was your favorite band / moment from them?

Kitten Forever: Corrie & Liz attended punk rock prom last year and had a really phenomenal time. The best part was listening to The Fillmores cover “Can’t Hardly Wait” and loosing our minds.

SBC: Did any of the member in the band go to their High School proms? If so, any weird stories from them? Boning in a car afterward, getting drunk and throwing up on your date? Fun stuff like that.

Kitten Forever: Corrie & Laura actually went to Laura’s high school prom together. Corrie was already out of high school, and for years afterward Laura’s mother assumed that they were having a secret romantic relationship. They did not bone in a car. Corrie and Liz both attended the Perpich center for arts education in Golden Valley, which doesn’t really have a real prom and instead has a strange event called “gala”, which you could go to junior and senior year. To one gala, Liz wore a hideous pink & orange 80’s prom dress, so who knows what you can expect as far as Kitten Forever’s fashion choices go on May 1st!

SBC: Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Kitten Forever: We are really excited to play punk rock prom this year and play with all the other really awesome bands! We are also really excited for a slow dance maybe? Also maybe a game of spin the bottle on The Nomad patio? Who’s in?? (Rich – I am always down for a game of spin the bottle.)

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 at 12:00 pm