New Schlomo Sapien Mix

posted by Gaurk

Yesterday, Oakland based psytrance DJ Schlomo Sapien released his second mix, entitled Good Morning Sunshine.

You’ve been dancing all night in a furious psychedelic frenzy. With daybreak, the spirit remains willing but the flesh grows weak. This is musical equivalent of stretching after a marathon. It’s music to facilitate a smooth transition back to baseline calm and eventually sleep. Listen to this on a sunny Sunday morning, preferably while lying on something comfy.

Recorded on two CDJ-200s and a Numark Matrix3

Fatali – Ocean View
Zen Mechanics – Mecha
Rithmo + Nok – Multistop (E-Clip Remix)
Ritmo – Lego Tech
Liquid Soul – Devotion
Bamboo Forest – Nice to Know
Rocky – City Lights (Symphonix Remix)
Day.Din – Using Light
Adda, Synthax + Moontales – Simple
Timo Garcia + Manu Delago – The Hang Drum Track (Angel Anx Remix)
Behind Blue Eyes + Krusseldorf – You Were Aware Feat. Joyce Mercedes
Koan – Odysseus Under the Old Tree

Download Good Morning Sunshine here.

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010 at 5:34 pm