Most Anticipated Read of 2010: Warren Ellis’ Shoot

posted by The Joe

Warren Ellis’ work on Vertigo’s Hellblazer is one of the finest, most haunting comic runs I’ve ever read. However, it was cut quite short due to DC not publishing a controversial issue at the time.

Now, from Ellis’ blog:

Years ago, I wrote a brief run on the DC Vertigo horror comic JOHN CONSTANTINE: HELLBLAZER. Brief, because I wrote a horror story therein called SHOOT. SHOOT was about schoolyard slayings in the United States. It was completed before Columbine happened, but scheduled to appear not long after. The regime at DC Comics at the time decided that it could not be released in its completed form. I refused to go along with the changes they wanted to make. They decided not to publish the book at all. I quit.

I remember that, at the time, someone telling me that the stance was that Paul Levitz would not release the book so long as he was running DC.

It never occurred to me that a new regime would feel differently.

Shoot will be released October 20 as the first issue of Vertigo Resurrected. Awesome.

Monday, July 19th, 2010 at 3:00 am