Jon Benjamin as Master Shake

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Above is a photo of Switchblade Comb favorite H. Jon Benjamin as Master Shake in the upcoming live-action season finale of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. T-Pain will portray Frylock, contest winner Dave Long Jr. will be Carl, and Meatwad will be played by an exercise ball.

T-Pain, Jon Benjamin and Dave Long Jr. star in the first-ever live-action episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. All hell breaks loose when the animated Aqua Teens find out there’s fire in the water. As each member begins to burst into flames, the episode takes an abrupt turn when Master Shake’s live-action alter ego, Don Shake, can’t figure out how to finish the episode’s script.

Watch it this Sunday. Or don’t.

(via /Film)

Saturday, May 30th, 2009 at 11:33 pm