DVD TUESDAY – Can’t Hardly Wait

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Screw John Hughes – this is the greatest high school comedy ever made. The legendary deleted scenes cut to make the original version PG-13 are on this 10th Anniversary Edition disc, along with a new commentary (and the fantastic original) and three new featurettes. Huzzah!

UPDATE: Nevermind about those deleted scenes . . . there’s only a tiny handful, with nothing involving Amber Benson’s ‘stoner girl’ and only a brief glimpse of the subtitled ‘crying girl.’ Alas. The featurettes are pretty neat though. Read about everything (still) cut over HERE.


– Criterion release of Yasujiro Ozu’s An Autumn Afternoon
– Fantastic steroid documentary Bigger Stronger Faster
– Erotic Spanish vampire horror Blood Splattered Bride
– Legendarily awful Butterfly
– Shaw Bros kung-fu Deadly Duo
Forgetting Sarah Marshall with Russell Brand
– The totally awesome Iron Man
– Irsaeli indie Jellyfish
– Port-a-potty mockumentary Kenny
– Restored version of F.W. Murnau’s classic Last Laugh
– Concert performance Lou Reed’s Berlin
The Mask, Canada’s first and only 3D film
– Comic documentary The Mindscape of Alan Moore
– Bruce Bickford documentary Monster Road
– Breaking-into-Hollywood doc My Big Break
– Oh boy, another mumblecore . . . Orphans
– Crazy Sam Neill sexual thriller Possession
– Forgotten sci-fi series The Starlost
– Oscar-winning documentary Taxi to the Darkside
The Thing on Blu-Ray, but who wants to see this crisp and clean?
– Studio 4°C anime spin-off Tweeny Witches the Adventure

Can’t Hardly Wait – Trailer

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008 at 7:34 am