Coliseum at the Varsity Theater

posted by MP Johnson

One of my primary reasons for waiting outside of the Electric Fetus on Record Store Day this year was the limited Coliseum/Superchunk split 7″ on which they both cover a Misfits tune. I’m a bit of a Misfits (and Danzig) fan, so I know exactly how many shoddy cover versions of these tunes are out there. The versions on this 7″ are not even remotely shoddy. I really dig Coliseum’s take on “bullet.”

Coliseum are opening for Boris at the Varsity. They probably won’t play “Bullet,” but their original stuff is pretty awesome too.

Monday, October 17
Varsity Theater
8 PM | $15 | 18+

Saturday, July 16th, 2011 at 12:00 pm