Atmophere’s New YouTube TV Show

posted by Mojo Marshall

hey buddy.
it’s me again.
check this out, click this youtube link. “Paint It Gold”

we call it “paint it gold”
ant and i came up with this show as an attempt to get you more involved with our new album. basically, we want you to interview us. it’s as simple as emailing us a question that you would like us to answer. please email the questions to, and then come to our youtube channel to watch the clips we post where we answer your questions. hopefully we will put up a new show every week. i guess it depends on the questions you send us.

send your questions to:
you may send us more than one question, but please send each question in a seperate email (just one question per each email). keep in mind that we will be reviewing the questions and choosing the ones that make the show, so please don’t ask us dumb things. my favorite color is plaid, ok?
also make sure you include your name and address, because for every weekly episode we put up, one of you will get a free copy of our new joint, “when life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold” when it is released april 22. free. we will send it to you. you love mail.

so yeah. click the above link, watch the first episode of “paint it gold” think up a good question to ask us, email it to us, and participate, dang it.

i hope this all made sense.
i’m bad with words.

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008 at 12:59 pm