Things That Are Awesome: Social Distortion – “Still Alive”

posted by Richard Gill

Last year, most of what we enjoyed didn’t actually come from 2010, so instead of waiting for a year-end ‘Things That Were Awesome’ list, we’re just going to write about it as it comes along.

By and large I was pretty disappointed in the new Social Distortion album. I’ve been a huge fan of them ever since I got into punk rock and I always enjoyed how they mixed up genres on their albums, never playing by the “punk rules” and just doing what they liked style wise (musically speaking). In a lot of ways they were a gateway for my re-entry into roots music by reminding me how good those Rolling Stones albums my dad used to always play were and that some country music is actually pretty fuckin’ righteous. This new record though? Uh… not good. It’s pretty much 10 tunes that run the gamut from, “really? 7 years since the last album and THIS is what we get?” to “meh, this song isn’t TOO TERRIBLE… I guess”. I mean, c’mon guys, the record is only 11 songs long and that includes an instrumental and a cover. Boo-urns. However, that all goes away once “Still Alive”, the last cut on the disc, hits your ears.

The track feels very much like a sequel to my favorite Social D song ever, “I Was Wrong”, trading in the youthful angst-y angriness of that song for a hopeful “check it out I actually made it and even though I’m still kinda angry, shit ain’t that bad anymore” kinda vibe. It’s a catchy little number and probably should have been released as the teaser single instead of that musical abortion that is “California (Hustle and Flow)”. Ugh, what a pile of shit that song is.

Anyway, enjoy my favorite song of the year… so far.

Social Distortion – “Still Alive” (from Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes)

Thursday, March 24th, 2011 at 2:27 pm