Favorite New Films: UP

posted by The Joe


Rarely has a studio had the run of great films as Pixar has, with every one of their ten features being a work of fantastic quality. They single-handedly brought respect back to American animation, and while they have yet to push boundaries as far as I’d like to see (though WALL-E‘s first thirty minutes came close), they’ve developed a formula that, while familiar, remains perfectly charming and graceful much like the original Disney animated run of the 40s. Not only is UP no different, but it’s easily one of their greatest efforts.

In dealing with the death of a loved one and the void that follows, the film feels like Pixar’s most mature, and while early trailers gave off a Hayao Miyazaki vibe, the high-flying, jungle adventure story feels more akin to the 60s live-action Disney works like In Search of the Castaways. It’s this style that I’ve sorely missed in cinema over the years, and UP has it in droves, along with their most enjoyable cast of characters yet. Great work all around, but that’s to be expected.

UP – Trailer

Sunday, May 31st, 2009 at 12:04 am