Favorite New Films: The Limits of Control

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It’s fascinating that after all these years, the father of modern American independent cinema, Jim Jarmusch is still one step ahead of his contemporaries in ways of exploring the very concept of filmmaking. We’ve seen the basic crime story in film for decades and with no one having much new left to bring to the table, the plot we’d be all too familiar with in The Limits of Control fades away to instead focus on mood and atmosphere.

The film is sure to be the most divisive of the year amongst critics and audiences alike, as those with only expectations of traditional narrative won’t have the patience that this work demands. I myself didn’t know what to make of most of the first hour, as Isaach DeBankole’s nameless main character journeys through Spain on an unexplained (and frankly unimportant) mission with familiar faces appearing like fleeting dreams, providing philosophical tangents on art and reality without ever completing the thought. However, the patterns and repetitions (with an emphasis on architecture and language) mix with the fantastic droning soundtrack to provide an ethereal state of trance.

It will be a frustrating mess to some, but The Limits of Control is a bold step in the current cinema landscape which should be taken far more often. The film is currently playing in Minneapolis at the Uptown Theatre.

The Limits of Control – Trailer

Saturday, May 16th, 2009 at 12:34 am