Favorite New Films on DVD – Sky Crawlers

posted by The Joe


Mamoru Oshii
works on an entirely different level than any other creative force in filmmaking today. Nobody has excelled with quiet, internal philosophy to his degree since the days of Tarkovsky and Bergman, and along with making yet another soul-crushingly beautiful work, he masterfully perfects the use of silence in his newest anime project, Sky Crawlers.

The film is a slow, melancholy tale that follows the day-to-day lives of teen pilots apathetically fighting a war they know nothing about. Not ones to question and evolve their destinies, they continue the comfortable, neverending cycle of their existence. You might think you know how the character evolution will play out, but the film never paces or presents itself in a familiar way. The animation is gorgeous, from aerial battles to bowling alleys (in what’s the best scene in any film this year so far), and it’s great to see the return of Oshii’s basset hound and a Kenji Kawai score.

Oshii himself has said that this is his most mainstream work in ages, and while this is technically true, the vague, mysterious narrative still requires thought on the viewers’ part to put it all together and pull their own meaning from. Much like every other Oshii project, which is what makes him one of the world’s greatest filmmakers.


Friday, June 5th, 2009 at 3:36 pm