Favorite New Films: Be Kind Rewind

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be kind rewind

In Hearts of Darkness, Francis Ford Coppola predicted the advent of digital video, stating that one day, some little girl will pick up her dad’s camera and make art. Little did he know that the widening accessibility of filmmaking would lead to the severe lack of one key element; passion. Take a look on YouTube, at all of the indie trailers attempting to be just like their big studio counterparts, just so they might get accepted into SXSW. There’s a distinct refreshing feeling when watching someone’s old homemade films to just about everything that’s made these days.

Michel Gondry was part of the last generation that grew up with Super 8 and VHS recorders, and he understands what emotions are brought up with gathering friends and family together for the love of cinema and what makes VHS special. Many films have been lost forever outside of this old medium found only in thrift stores, and while services like Netflix exist for the convenience of not having to travel to the local indie video store to find bootleg copies of your favorite unheard-of films, there’s a certain sadness over the loss of this tradition.

The one-of-a-kind excitement of coming together and making films for the sake of making films, or hunting down forgotten movies in an outdated format, is channeled by Gondry into every frame of his fourth feature, Be Kind Rewind, where a tiny community in rundown New Jersey is unified with the power of cinema by Jack Black and Mos Def, who have to remake films erased from Danny Glover’s failing video store. It’s Gondry’s most accessible, audience-friendly output and suffers a bit from lack of focus, but in the end, it’s pure cinematic joy – a film made with passion about making films with passion.

Be Kind Rewind – Trailer

Friday, February 22nd, 2008 at 3:19 am