Favorite Local Acts: The Word Party

posted by Toddd

The Word Party - photo by Ben Hughes

The Word Party are a five-piece band from Minneapolis made up of Nick Harrison-Strot (Vocals, Guitar), Luke Darger (Vocals, Keys, Guitar), Sarah Mevissen (Guitar, Keys), Alex McCormick (Bass), and Austin McLaughlin (Drums).

Still in high school, they have that charm and determination common of most youngster groups—yet, in a lot of ways, already have a better grip on what they’re after than more seasoned acts. They now wield a five-song EP titled So Sick Of, which showcases the band’s quick knack for weaving complex tunes well beyond what’s generally expected of kids these days. It may sound a little rough in spots, but overall it’s an excellent start for a band I’m definitely rooting for.

Monday, September 26th, 2011 at 5:20 pm