The Faust Questionnaire: In Defence

posted by MP Johnson

Have you heard of the Proust Questionnaire? This is the same thing, but a little more evil. Who cares about favorite colors anyway? Every Wednesday, Switchblade Comb will feature bands, authors, filmmakers and artists providing answers to much better questions. This week features Ben Crew of Twin Cities thrashcore masterminds In Defence.

If you made a deal with the devil, what would you get out of it?

If I made a deal with the Devil? Seriously? Me? When would I ever get the opportunity to make a deal with the Devil? That’s the stuff movies are made of. I think I have a better shot at making a deal with Monty Hall (famed host of TV game show Let’s Make a Deal). Now that I think about it though, I’d rather make a MEAL with the Devil than a DEAL with the Devil. The deal would be made with the FOOD NETWORK. Seriously I think there is some possibility there… hot & spicy themes… some sort of food show… In Defence could play… we could make tacos… the devil could set fire to different types of food we don’t like… such as pizza. Maybe we could make “pizza bashing” the focus of the show. I mean the Devil’s a “Hot” enough celebrity. I think a wide demographic of people would watch it.

What would the devil get out of it?

What would the Devil get out of it? His own cooking show. That shit is HUGE these days! Plus I think he would get paid money too.

What does your hell look like?

The road to Hell is paved with pizza. Hey, that could be the name of our show.

What is your favorite sin? Why?

Dressing up as a pizza delivery guy and delivering pizza boxes filled with human excrement… but that’s really more of a prank than a sin. It’s always fun to see the look on their face when they open it up. Maybe we could write that into the script. Get Ashton Kutcher from Punk’d to do a cameo… deliver pizza’s to a bunch of B-list celebrities.

What historical or contemporary figure would you choose to fight for your honor against the devil? Why?

I think we’d be on the same team.

Party Lines and Politics, the new In Defence album, is out now. Check out the video for “Black Metal Mania” and then catch them at the English Dogs show on Friday or at one of their many other area shows. Support local thrashcore.

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 at 10:00 am