Danzig of the Week: Ted Leo’s Cover of “Skulls”

posted by MP Johnson

MP Johnson listens to a lot of Danzig and he likes to share. So take heed, brain eaters, and enjoy this week’s dose of the demon.

So, if you’re not aware, Danzig doesn’t always do it right. He screwed over Minneapolis fans a while back by ditching out on a Cabooze show at the last minute. He ruined a good thing for a lot of people at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin last month when he went on so late that his Danzig Legacy set got cut short before he could dig into the Misfits stuff.

Just to make sure everyone at the fest at least got their fair share of Misfits at the Austin show, Ted Leo, who fronts an awesome Misfits tribute band called TV Casualty, took time out of his set to cover “Skulls.” Not exactly an even trade, but better than nothing.

Friday, December 9th, 2011 at 12:00 pm